El Altet Health Center

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Lack of means, a pending question

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After the events that have occurred in recent weeks, we are obliged to raise a suggestion, which
It can be understood as a complaint. Since the urgent care service in the surroundings of the El Altet health center is conspicuous by its absence, or even more serious, by its delay.

The concrete events happened in consecutive weeks, and constitute a poor quality of the assistance service, since the SAMU ambulances that moved to the place, either due to a traffic accident or an accident
domestic vascular, in both cases took more than 40 minutes compared to the call made to 112. In
In both cases the patients died, and we would not know if the delay in providing the service.

The fact is that we have been fighting for years to have a service in the surroundings of this health center in El Altet
urgent medical transport. Except in summer, when one of the units located in Elche moves to Santa Pola, the delay in coming is more than 40 minutes, for an emergency, when in the summer period and thanks to its proximity, times drop to less 10 minutes.

We know the limitations, but a relocation of resources could ensure better assistance, which in these cases would save lives.

Could the Samu units in the Elche-Santa Pola zone be increased to 3, with one of them settling down in Santa Pola or El Altet?

Could the El Altet health center be provided with a PAS emergency service? Option that the city council of

Elche has sent us as a priority.