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Neighborhood Assembly held on Friday, July 24, 2020



Last Friday, July 24, in the main square of El Altet and with the presence of some 40 neighbors, the 2nd neighborhood assembly was held that our party promoted last February and that were suspended by the now famous and disastrous Covid19.

   We began by explaining all the activities in which we had participated since the previous year, things that we had already explained in the first assembly and that we remember in this one, along with how little could be done during the pandemic. The questions taken to the plenary were presented, together with the responses received. The participation of not very pleasant memory in the last municipal meetings in which they hardly let us participate, but to which we are not going to give up continuing to attend. And the meeting held with the councilor for education to update us on the issues that affect us in education, both in infrastructures, and in coping with covid19 in the classrooms during the new year.

   At the end of our presentation, the citizens present were given way to present their demands, complaints or suggestions. Among all of them, we highlight a theme that was quite recurrent, such as cleaning, in general, of the town. Streets, sidewalks, squares, trees, parks, gardens, paths, containers, urban furniture, etc ... everything is conspicuous by its absence, on the lips of the neighbors. It feels utter neglect. And one after another they were remembering the tasks that are not done as often as they should be, dealing with a primary issue, such as cleaning and maintenance.

   Another issue that arose was the difficulty that the beach presents to access it, both in its accesses from the parking lot, and in its walkways, which make it difficult for people with reduced mobility to enjoy the rest on equal terms. Steps, narrow path next to the road, improperly installed footbridges, etc ..., as well as the prohibition of access by vehicle to bring people as close as possible.

   Parking difficulties were also mentioned, as well as poor signage, which makes parking even more difficult around the Plaza Mayor. The possibility of using plots of land as public car parks, preparing them for this and marking them.

   Likewise, other topics were put on the table, such as pruning existing palm trees on public roads, opening public toilets in municipal buildings, improving lighting in certain areas, studying and protecting archaeological remains found in the dunes. from El Altet beach and the conservation of historical and environmental heritage, as well as the creation of a pensioner's home, with dining and entertainment facilities.

   But above all, there was talk of the FUTURE. A future that we will not have as long as they continue to govern us from a physical distance, and especially from an emotional distance and municipal laziness towards a town, which feels like such and that feels badly governed, and therefore wants to take charge of its future.