The Altet collects signatures to control speed on Avenida Sinus Ilicitanus

Avenida Ilicitanus
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The Altet decides to report that several animals have died this summer

The residents of the San Francisco de Asís cooperative are collecting signatures so that the City Council of Elche solves the traffic problems related to Sinus Ilicitanus Avenue. On this road, which joins a residential population with an avenue that records the passage of a large number of vehicles with the limit of 50 km / h, the neighbors say that high speeds are reached during the day and there have been several animal abuses this summer. In addition, they insist that illegal vehicle races are common at night, which pose "a risk to other users, as well as noise and inconvenience."

It is not the first time that signatures are collected to demand solutions to the problems related to this avenue that joins the town center with the nearest beach. The measure carried out by the City Council on previous occasions for this two-way route was the placement of soundtracks both at the beginning and at the end of the avenue. A measure that the neighbors consider insufficient not only for not fulfilling their purpose of reducing the speed of the vehicles, but for causing serious damage to the neighbors of the shawls that are in their vicinity, due to the noise produced by the vehicles that They pass over them.

In turn, Ángel Soler, spokesman for El Altet Decide, has stated that "the limit of this route is 50 km / h, but speeds are reached very high than allowed. Therefore, we ask that it be reduced to 30 or that measures are taken, such as the placement of badges, to control speed. "